The current surcharges to rates

ITLL (increased degree of responsibility) – extra charges over the rates applicable.

ITLL intra-Ukrainian non-documentary delivery:

  • for goods valued up to 25 000 UAH - 0,4%;
  • for goods value of 25 000,01UAH up to 50 000 UAH - 0,5% ;       
  • maximum ITLL amount - 50 000 UAH.

ITLL international non-documentary delivery:

  • up to 5 000 Euros - 0.4%;
  • maximum ITLL amount - 5 000 Euros.

Fuel Surcharge

Due to fluctuations in fuel prices, TMM Express uses the indexed fuel surcharge when calculating the cost of their services.

The rate of fuel surcharge is reviewed monthly. The changes will come into effect on the first calendar day of each month, as reported by 15 calendar days before the effective date of such changes. The fuel surcharge is calculated on the basis of price Brent Crude Oil Spot Price (London), published online previously two months, as well as on the basis of average monthly prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine.

The size and duration of the surcharge is determined only by TMM Express, based on these prices.
Please note that this surcharge is applied to the officially published tariffs for services under the brand TMM Express: Air Express, Road Express, Domestic Express, Crimea Express.

We inform you that from 01.01.18 size fuel surcharge for current standard rates will be:

  • 14,0% for Air Express
  • 18,5% for Road Express
  • 14,0% for Easy Express
  • 13,0% for Domestic (DD, 9, 10, 12, 18D), shipping pallets, delivery of tires, by hand, with a list of, Warehouse Express

Please note that the size of the fuel surcharge is set on a monthly basis and is effective on the first of each month.

On the amount of fuel surcharge for the next month we will inform customers by email and publish information on our website