Dear partners!
We inform you that from July 21, 2020, an updated tariff offer for the Air Express service will be valid.

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Dear partners!

We inform you that from 01.07.2020, changes will be made on the Road Express service. Changes relate only to the volumetric weight of the cargo. Cost remains unchanged.

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In connection with the distribution of COVID-19, restrictions on work and movement are set and changed daily around the world, which leads to possible changes in the timing of international delivery. We continue to work as far as such restrictions and rules allow, but we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of the published delivery dates for some of our services due to events beyond our control. Our company does everything possible to carry out delivery at this difficult time.

We thank our customers and partners for their understanding!

Dear customers and partners, TMM Express is operating normally.

We carry out the fence / delivery of goods and documents from door to door.

Our couriers have everything necessary for safe contact with the client: masks, gloves, disinfectants. We monitor the health of each employee.

Ready to issue items at the branches.

Dear Customers, Congratulations on your wonderful holiday March 8!
On this wonderful women's day, we want to wish only positive emotions,
boundless happiness and good health.
May life give you only pleasant moments, warm gentle meetings and loving hearts.

Sincerely, TMM Express

Dear partners!

The new Domestic Express tariffs comes into force on January 27, 2020, but now you can see the changes.

Dear partners!

The new Air Express tariffs comes into force on January 27, 2020, but now you can see the changes. 

Dear partners!

We inform you that from October 21, 2019, an updated tariff offer for the Road Express service will be valid.


From July 01, 2019 will come into force changes to the Tax Code of Ukraine and the 100 Euro Rule begins to apply, which provides for a reduction to 100 euro the non-taxable total invoice value of imported goods sent into postal and express shipments to individuals. Now, if the value of the goods in the package totally exceeds 100 euros, the consignee individual is obliged to pay taxes. Previously, this limit was 150 euros.

Last week, TMM Express for the first time was exhibiting at one of the biggest transport exhibitions in Europe – Transport Logistic 2019. This year the exhibition visited more than 64000 visitors from 125 countries. Transport Logistic Fair in Munich is one of the biggest networking platforms for the transportation and logistics businesses on both European and Global levels.